We do have 1 adult Male 
Vizsla's available. 
That are looking for a forever family. 

Please contact Sandra Ellis for more details

0408 848 048
Please contact me if interested to have a chat

message Dianne: 0417 959 264

                                  email : gonnylde2@gmail.com



Desexed Male Microchip # 941000016887752

Very energetic – he just loves to run and run.

Very affectionate.

Thrives on attention, exercise, and interaction.

In extremely good health despite his age. No arthritis whatsoever but now showing some grey hairs. 8½years old.

He tolerates a good wash but doesn’t like a dryer on him. 

Doesn’t get upset at the sound of thunder (unless you’re upset) and will follow you around when you mow the lawn. 

Happy to play with children and/or other dogs.  He’s also happy to run around by himself if the other dogs don’t want to play.

Loves the beach.

Will chase sparkles (e.g. a watch shining on a wall or on the ground).

Will whine at tea time for his meal. 

He’s been fed on a régime of raw chicken, dry food and treats but he will just about eat anything you offer him (within reason).



Sandra Ellis

0408 848 048

Please contact Sandy directly via : brent.sand@yahoo.com