We do sometimes have adult Vizsla's available. 
That are looking for a forever family.
"A Male is available at the moment."

Please contact me if interested to have a chat

message Dianne: 0417 959 264

                                  email : gonnylde2@gmail.com

 This is the email I received from George's owner Sandy, as he needs a new family to love and own him...

I have a full-bred Hungarian male Vizsla who will be 6 or 7 in November this
 year. My husband passed away 7 months ago and I am struggling on my own
 with our very strong dog. I have 2 fractured and compressed vertebrae in my
 back and will have an operation soon.  I am unable to walk George as he is
 extremely strong and he needs his runs.
I am trying to find someone who will take him on for good but wondered if
 that were to fail, would you be able to find a home for him please? 
It breaks my heart to give him up, especially after losing my husband but I
 just can't manage him anymore.

Please contact Sandy directly via : brent.sand@yahoo.com