Hungarian Vizsla's are not for everyone.

Vizsla's like lots of human contact and just like to share your life with them.

Vizsla are not named the velco dog for nothing they do live 

up to there reputation and can be under your feet.

So please consider these issues first and do your research before owning a Hungarian Vizsla 

I do like to see my pups go to there forever home. And to see the smiles on people faces when visiting, its so great and rewarding to see.

I am always here to help if you need it, 

Its nice if people can email a picture of there puppy as it grows into an adult.

I can always be contacted via emails : gonnylde2@gmail.com or phone: 0417-959-264 even after taking home your cute puppy.

If your looking for a Potential show dog, " there are no guarantee that He or She will be a show dog at 8 weeks old" 

they need to mature and your trained to be a potential show dog.

I no longer wish to place a Potential show dog in any show homes.

We aim to please the pet homes as they seam to be more flexible and live a more caring free life style.

Contact Us

All puppy enquires are welcome.  

If interested in owning a Hungarian Vizsla

Please feel free to email any questions of yours to Dianne

Phone : 0417-959-264

 email : gonnylde2@gmail.com