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Lexie is my 7th Generation of breeding our loving Hungarian Vizsla's

My girl is loving the show ring , as she started wanting to stay at home we don't force any of our girls to be shown 

Lexie is a daughter to Summers and Max and a litter sister to Gem

Lexie is a very happy and clever girl,  just loves everyone she comes into contact with.........

Lexie is so happy to see new people......

    Lexie is a very free and easy girl she is full of life and spirit

This girl Lexie has not enjoyed the show world and would prefer to stay at home and play.

Loves to go for free play at local dog park.

Lexie puppies are born and looking for there forever homes

We have a male and female still available at the moment.

Please contact me on 0417-959-264 and leave a message