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Vizmaya Purple Rain
Maya owned by Gonnylde Vizsla's and is a very happy and playful vizsla

Thanks so much to VIZMAYA KENNELS  in Victoria for breeding the lovely girl. I am going to have lots of fun in the shows with her.

So far Maya has only done minimal shows but did get Baby Puppy of Breed 2016 at Adelaide royal.
She also got pick in the short list on speciality day very happy with this girl. Also thanks to Kylie, Jasmine and Darcy for the help in getting Maya to the show after my accident.
Maya has become Jasmine and Steve best friend Well thats what Maya thinks my new best friends

Maya is always playing and has something in her mouth all the time, loves her cosy cave I made for her. Just a fun dog to have in my home. Loves everyone and everything.

Maya is a velcro dog as she is with me every step I take, she loves car rides and play dates down the dog park.

Love this girl MAYA